Activities of KURRA

We perform activities of KURRA following the basic principles that were established in researches of archival managements: the principle of respecting the origins, and the original order. When we release collections, we make an effort to make their information accessible and user-friendly by developing a search system.

Acceptance of materials

If you are interested to contribute materials into KURRA, please contact us. Basically the materials must be created in educational and research activities in Kyoto University. To make archival materials available for everyone other than owner or creator of the material, your cooperation in handling rights and creating metadata is greatly appreciated.

Procedure of acceptance in KURRA

Please follow three steps described below to preserve and release materials in KURRA.

  • Step 1 Consultation

    at any time

    We investigate materials and their condition upon request, assess whether the materials are suited for application, and provide suggestion about matters need to be clarified for application: concrete way of preservation, necessary treatment for release a collection, and way of digitization.

    Step 1 Consultation
  • Step 2 Application

    accepted annually

    Fill an application form and send it under the name of the related department. We will examine it and answer whether we can accept your application.

    Step 2 Application
  • Step 3 Archiving

    We will arrange materials as archival materials, digitize them, and create metadata about them. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

    Step 3 Archiving
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