• archive

    To preserve materials and information as records permanently, or permanently preserved records themselves, or facilities and institutions for this purpose.

  • collection

    A set of materials from same person, organization, or institution that created, collected, and kept the materials. (They are called "origin.")

  • contents

    Mainly this word means movie and sound products using research resource materials. Research resource materials themselves and digitized data of them may be called as "contents."

  • digital collection

    A set of (partly or totally) digitized data of a collection. It may be a digitized virtual collection that is collected from several origins along a certain subject.

  • digital data

    Digitized data: digitized contents of materials (also called as digital contents, or information objects), and data describing materials or other data (also called as description data, or metadata).

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  • metadata

    Data for other data, or data about other data. For example, an inventory of materials, whether it is digitized or not, is a typical metadata.

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