Call for ideas: a nickname and visual design of KUDAS

November 01, 2013

In Research Resource Archive, Kyoto University (KURRA), we digitize materials that were created in educational and research activity, store them into Kyoto University Digital Archive System (KUDAS) and open them to the public. Moreover, we are developing a detailed search interface for students and faculty members of Kyoto University, and also for researchers outside Kyoto University.

We develop KUDAS not only to view the past activities in Kyoto University by evidential records, but also to (re-)use materials for current educational and research activities.

We call a nickname and visual design of KUDAS from members of Kyoto University. You are cordially invited to apply as following.

  1. Theme
  2. A nickname and visual design for Kyoto University Digital Archive System, which promotes academic pleasure

  3. Period
  4. November 1 to 30, 2013

  5. Qualification
  6. An applicant must be a member of Kyoto University. (All faculty members, including who is in a part time position, and students are acceptable. In other words, an applicant must have ECS-ID or SPS-ID, or be able to have them.) You can apply in a group less than five people.

  7. What to submit
  8. Please send following two.
    (1) A presentation material that includes following
    . A nickname (that is suitable for KUDAS)
    . A symbol or a logotype (that expresses a nickname)
    . Details why you propose a nickname and a symbol, and a key concept of them
    (2) A poster (that shows a nickname, a symbol, a signature color, etc.)

  9. Formats
  10. (1) A presentation material: prepare a presentation that is easy to understand, showing how you come to propose such nickname and design. It must be a MicroSoft PowerPoint file or an Adobe Illustrator file or a PDF file.
    Submit digital data written in CD-R or DVD-R.
    (2) A poster: submit an original digital data, and a sample printed in a paper that is not less than A3 and not exceeding A1. In a poster, you can put a catch phrase etc.
    Do not fold a printed sample.

  11. Notice
  12. Submit your works with names, a faculty and a grade (students), a faculty and a job class (faculty members), a contactable phone number, and an e-mail address, of all members.

    A work to apply must be original.

    Kyoto University will hold copyrights of all adopted works. However, we will use them on the KUDAS after consultation with an applicant.

  13. Selection
  14. The steering committee of KURRA will adopt one work. You may have to make a presentation if needed.

  15. Announcement
  16. Results will be sent to all applicants, and be on a web page of KURRA.

    An award certificate will be given to the applicant of the adopted work.

  17. Contacts
  18. Please bring your works to the following during the period as stated above.

    606-8501 A reception of the Kyoto University Museum, Yoshida-Honmachi, Sakyo-ward, Kyoto
    From Wednesday to Sunday, 9:30-16:30 (working hours of the Museum)

    Please contact to the following address by e-mail if you have any questions about applilcation.


    please substitute @ for [at].

  19. Links
  20. You can view KUDAS from a "Directory service of digital archive" button on the web page of KURRA.

    Description about a system that requires login will be on the web page of KURRA. (If you want to see the description before it is issued, please contact us.)

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