Shumpei Ueyama papers, 1807−2002, bulk 1933−2002.

Records about research by a philosopher Shumpei Ueyama (1921–2012). The materials in this collection were created or collected mainly between 1933 to 2002, and include manuscripts, notebooks, scrapbooks, copied materials, correspondences, and photographs. It suggests the line of Ueyama’s thought how the materials about his research are arranged by subject (“Kant,” “a draft constitution,” “culture of the evergreen broad-leaved forest,” and “Nyoiji temple” etc.) and by periods (“high school period,” “undergraduate period,” “Tanabe period,” and “Okazaki period” etc.) in the collection. The materials also include unpublished articles that are open to the public for the first time. Moreover, the collection also includes materials that show how researches were carried out at that time from many different aspects, such as the records of pioneering research activities at Kyoto University in 1960s, “Anthropology” and “Africa Research” for example, and correspondences with other researchers (Kinji Imanishi, Yasuo Maki, Masao Yamashita, Masato Hori, Hiroshi Tanooka, Minao Hayashi, Mitsuji Fukunaga, Kiichi Tsujimura, and Keishin Okamura).