Laboratory of Landscape Architecture, Faculty of Agriculture, Kyoto University Collection: Slide Photographs of Landscapes, ca.1950−1974.

Ayaakira Okazaki was a professor of the Laboratory of Landscape Architecture, Faculty of Agriculture, Kyoto University. He took photographs of various landscapes such as historic sites and places of scenic beauty, gardens, parks, forests and roads from a perspective of landscape architecture and organized them as materials for research. This collection is a part of Okazaki's photographs that are kept in the laboratory. Mainly, landscapes in the 1960s are recorded. In the 1960s, the scope of landscape architecture was widened, to such as roads, public housings, and tourist destinations. The collection contains photographs of gardens and these new subjects besides. These are precious materials that records rapidly changing landscapes in the 1960s, and expected to be used for research activities widely.

  • [Name of Creator(s)] Ayaakira Okazaki; Laboratory of Landscape Architecture, Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University
  • [Date] 1935–July 12, 1974
  • [Archivist and Date] 2013
  • [Extent] 4 boxes of materials, 41 files, 384 sheets (include sheets without slides), 4313 slides
  • [Existence and Location of Copies] 4772 metadata records
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Kyoto University Research Information Repository(KURENAI)