Kyoto University Digital Archive System (Peek)

Materials that were created in educational and research activities are investigated to be preserved as records, then appraised and digitized. The digitized data is set up as a digital collection by being registered in the Kyoto University Digital Archive System and added metadata.


Kyoto University Digital Archive System is a fundamental software to manage archival materials, digitized data, and related movies. It helps various archival operations, such as management of metadata, storing digitized data of materials, release data for services. Using this system as an user, you can search and access digitized data of archival materials.

  • Archival management subsystem
    It helps registration of metadata and digital contents, storage of data, and offer data to an archival service subsystem.
  • Archival service subsystem
    It releases stored digital data on the Internet.
  • Operating subsystem
    It helps operation of the system.

Conceptual diagram of KURRA Conceptual diagram of KURRA

Directory service and two interfaces

You can search an archive material in KURRA by a directory service of Kyoto University Digital Archive System “Peek”.* In the “Peek”, you also can view digital data such as images and movies if available.

“Peek” has two interfaces. “PUBLIC MODE”, which can be used without login, and “RESEARCHERS’ MODE”, which requires login.

*The name “Peek” and its visual design, proposed students, was adopted for Kyoto University Digital Archive System by result of a public competition.

Directory Service of “Peek”

On the directory service of “Peek”, users mainly browse materials by a “collection” that reflects an activity of a person or an organization. Because one cannot understand enough by looking only a single material; it is just a part of a collection, that is to say, it reflects only a part of an activity.

However, it may be difficult to find a target material only by browsing by a collection, because a collection may contain large number of materials; archival materials are a full evidential record of a person, an organization, and their activity.

For this reason, we make an index of names appeared in materials. You can search a material by a name of a person or an organization. Using this feature, materials are cross-searchable among collections.

In addition, detailed search options are also available.

Logging in

“Peek” participates GakuNin (Academic Access Management Federation in Japan). If you are a member of an organization that participates GakuNin, you can use RESEARCHERS’ MODE of “Peek” by logging in. To use the RESEARCHER’S MODE, you should agree the term of use of the “Peek” RESEARCHERS’ MODE, which will displayed by following the link button below. If you agree it, after logging in by entering necessary information and options according to an instruction, you can use more functions for research and analysis.

Note that if you don’t agree it you will be forwarded to PUBLIC MODE of “Peek”.

When you agree the term of use, the following screens will appear successively

  1. Selection of an organization in the Discovery Service of GakuNin (check options if necessary)
  2. Entering an user ID and a password in a login screen of each organization (for Kyoto University, it is a login screen of the Integrated Authentication Center)
  3. Confirmation of information to be sent (now, “Peek” requires “organizationName” and “jaOrganizationName” properites)
  4. Sending of the information
  5. The top page of “Peek” RESEARCHER’S MODE