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Using Materials

To request using archival materials (digital data or physical objects) in KURRA, please fill in a request form as follows.

  1. First, locate the desired item in the Kyoto University Digital Archive System (called Peek.)
  2. Check the “Title” and “Reference Number” of the desired item. (“Title” is located the top of the screen, just below the header.)
  3. Choose appropriate request form according to type of usage.
  4. Fill in and send them to us.

1. Types of usage

There are six types of request forms. (All the forms are in Japanese.)

  • Form 1: for inspection of an archival material
  • Form 2: for taking a photography or video of a physical object
  • Form 3: for duplication of digital data or a physical object
  • Form 4: borrowing of a physical object, for exhibition, or showing on a screen
  • Form 5: for publication or public transmission of a physical object
  • Form 6: for using digitized data for exhibition, publication, or public transmission

[Notice] If your usage includes several categories, please send all the forms for your use.
E.g.: Using a physical object to make graphic panels for an exhibition and to publish an exhibition catalog, send the fourth form (exhibition) and the fifth form (publication).

2. Submitting procedure

First, send the forms by e-mail with documents that describe details of the usage (such as a proposal of an exhibition or a book) to the following address.  We will reply in about a week.  Afterward, we will request you to send the printed copy of the forms by mail.

Research Resource Archive, Kyoto University
The Kyoto University Museum, Yoshida-Honmachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8501 Japan
E-mail: kurra-info@inet.museum.kyoto-u.ac.jp

Note that it can take several weeks to decide whether we can permit the use, because we need to discuss with the possessor of the materials and to re-examine digital data.  Please submit with plenty of time.

If your use are permitted, we send a written permit and the materials.  If you request digital data, we use digital media such as DVDs.  Please return the materials and the media certainly.

3. Providing preferred citation style

When you use materials, provide three information in the caption: (1) title of the material, (2) reference number, and (3) title of the archival materials in this list.  Then write the provider of the data as “Kyoto University (Research Resource Archive, Kyoto University).”  Write the URLs of the materials in Peek as much as possible.  For more details, see the User’s Guide of KURRA, or consult with us.

E.g.: Picture of a ship. TKUMPIC2015/3/国史1-43-1-12, “The Kyoto University Museum collection: Glass Film Plate Photographs about Field Research on Okinawa, 1932.” Kyoto University (Research Resource Archive, Kyoto University). https://peek.rra.museum.kyoto-u.ac.jp/ark:/62587/ar22889.57881

In general, we would like to present in this site all cases in which our materials are used.  Please contact us when the actual use are performed.