Kyoto University Forests Collection, 1928−1986.

Before 1945, Kyoto Imperial University had university forests in Taiwan, Korea, and Sakhalin. Photographs and Videos of these “foreign” university forests and domestic university forests have been inherited in Field Science Education and Research Center, which were founded by integration of former research forests affiliated with Faculty of Agriculture and others. These materials are precious archives that show not only research, educational, management activities of the university in the forests, but also natural environments and everyday life of the forests at that time.

  • [Name of Creator(s)] Field Science Education and Research Center, Kyoto University
  • [Date] 1928–1986
  • [Archivist and Date] 2015
  • [Extent] 176 glass film plates, 232 printed photos, 19 photo preservation cards, 50 of 16mm format films
  • [Existence and Location of Copies] 631 metadata records
  • [Finding Aid (Peek)]

Kyoto University Research Information Repository(KURENAI)