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Disaster Prevention Research Institute, Kyoto University photographs: Investigation of Damage from Storm Surge by Isewan Typhoon, 1959, 2010.

Records of investigation about disasters caused by Isewan Typhoon (Typhoon Vera) in 1959. The collection mainly consists of photographs taken by Yuichi Iwagaki, who was an assistant professor of Disaster Prevention Research Institute, right after the disaster, and photographs taken by Hajime Mase, who was a professor of Disaster Prevention Research Institute, visiting the disaster area in 2010. In addition, field notes that describes a plan of the investigation in 1959, slides and figures made as a result are also included. Records of the disaster and reconstruction show how the area have been changed in a half century.

  • [Name of Creator(s)] Yuichi Iwagaki, Hajime Mase (hosted by the Kyoto University Museum)
  • [Date] 1959, 2010
  • [Archivist and Date] 2017
  • [Extent] 131 of 35mm positive films (8 sheets of slides), 197 digital photos, 4 field notebooks, a map, 35 of 35mm negative films (one sheet of films), 12 printed photos
  • [Existence and Location of Copies] 377 metadata records
  • [Finding Aid (Peek)] https://peek.rra.museum.kyoto-u.ac.jp/ark:/62587/ar22388.22388?ln=en
半田市 康衛新田(1959), DPRI PIC 2016/01/1007/B/1007-13/1959
半田市海岸 康衛新田(2010), DPRI PIC 2016/01/1007/B/1007-10/2010
フィールドノート, DPRI PIC 2016/01/field
Fig. 3 伊勢湾に於ける同時潮位曲線, DPRI PIC 2016/01/rep/12