Yendo (Kichisaburo) photographic plates of algae specimens, 1901−1917.

This is a collection of photographic plates, taken by Dr. Kichisaburo Yendo, who was a pioneer of algaeology in Japan and a professor in marine botany at the Sapporo Agricultural College (subsequently became the Agricultural College of Tohoku Imperial University, later transferred to Hokkaido Imperial University). It includes photos of algae specimens of Japan, deposited in the museums where he visited, while he was studying in United Kingdom, Germany and Norway from 1911 to 1914, photos of algae specimens collected at Vancouver Island, Canada in 1901, and photos of various algae specimens collected until about 1917 and scenes where he collected them.

  • [Name of Creator(s)] Seto Marine Biological Laboratory, Field Science Education and Research Center, Kyoto University; Kichisaburo Endo, Seto Marine Biological Laboratory, Faculty of Science, Kyoto Imperial University
  • [Date] 1901–1917
  • [Archivist and Date] 2018
  • [Extent] 177 glass film plates, one box of materials
  • [Existence and Location of Copies] 198 metadata records
  • [Finding Aid (Peek)]

Kyoto University Research Information Repository(KURENAI)